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Infouno searches the following engines: Altavista  -  Espotting  -  Google UK  -  MSN UK  -  Yahoo UK - Mirago -  Find out more..
About Infouno
Infouno is brought to your by Park Royal Media, publishers of the popular Searchuno web directory.
Currently the service is in open public beta-testing which means we want you to try it. Tell us what you like, tell us what you don't like.

Want to see new features or services, then get in touch:  beta@parkroyalmedia.com
Infouno is UK-focused and is made up of a number of services.
In the current beta-test, these services are:
                    Metasearch, Directory and Kids Search

Our metasearch is UK-focused and fast. By doing your search through Infouno, we then send that request to a number of search engines and then deliver the results back to you.
Why use Infouno?  Using one search engine doesn't give you a full perspective of what is out there. Using a metasearch service that Infouno provides allows you to get results from more than one source which means you can find out more about what you are after.
Infouno also offers a number of great features to make your searching experience not only fast but also easy.
When you look at the results, click on "quick look" and you can get a preview of what is on that page. If you like it you can then open the page in full, if you don't like it you can then close it.
Infouno also allows you to save your results and then mail them to yourself or others. This makes it ideal for those researching web pages and wanted to keep track of those results for coming back to at a later time.
We use the popular Open Directory to offer users an opportunity to search for sites that are reviewed.
Kids Search
Our kids search is a metasearch of popular sites of interest to children.